Monthly Archive for February, 2008

Lunar Fireworks

Some of the fireworks we fired off during Chinese New Year. Take note its all illegal but who cares about law when we are in the mountain valleys. Continue reading ‘Lunar Fireworks’

Hatsune Miku SMILES~~~

From Windbell

Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Dance

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Credits : Dannychoo

The ED is cute ~

Messy display cupboard

MESSY MESSY!!!! Running out of cupboard space soon………

Ziplocked Haruhi-sama

The 1/4 Haruhi was so big that feel awkward mixing among the 1/6 and 1/8. So stuck of idea, she going to be on my desktop PC. To prevent her from contact of outside element, she is going to stay inside the ziplock bag for now.

There is actually a huge chunk of paint scrapped off her hair due to improper packaging. Tough luck as I couldn’t really inspect it due to the way the box is windowed.

Figurines Hauls

A shock came to me when suddenly KKNM and TnT start putting new arrivals list out. Ouch my pocket…. Everything at one go. Lucky for the Genting casino wins, I managed to minimise the hole of my pocket.

Ino’s Velvet Skin x Happoubi Jin’s Sweet Body

My 2 ultimate art-books just arrived one hour ago. Good thing it is not lost, and the delivery package is top notch and minimal damage. Want to know what inside? Just google the darn title. Its too popular not to have any result. I think a review is not necessary since the images already out there floating. Velvet skin is very thick.

Thanks to Heiseidemocracy for the recommendation and MK (Oppai-man) for the "sauce".